The best of what bend does best

The great thing about living in Bend is that the options for fun and excitement are almost endless. Ask a local what their favorite pastimes are in town and you are bound to get dozens of different answers. 

However, at or near the top of any list would be enjoying beers, cycle-pubbing, and golf. Spikes and Spokes was born in 2011 out of a love for those very three things. Throw in some great companionship and a healthy level of competition along the way and you have created one of the best days of the year for each and every participant.

Today, Spikes and Spokes has grown from a group of 12 guys into a flight of 9 foursomes. This year, we are pleased to bring back the Cycle Pub  that will be carrying us on our Brew Tour. In only 9 short years, Spikes n Spokes has become a hallowed tradition for many Bendites and its legacy continues to grow.