The Golf:

·        Two teams (team Robinson and team Ludwick)

·        6-6-6 format with three games

·        Match play scoring (no carry over if a hole is tied. This is not a skins game.)

·        First game is a six hole scramble(steal a drive)

·        Second game is a six-hole Chapman alternate

·        Third game is a six hole aggregate(frisbee drive)

Each foursome will have a team Robinson cart and a team Ludwick cart. During the first holes which are a two-man scramble, each team will have opportunity to steal their opponent’s drive on one hole after both teams have hit off the tee. Each team can only do this once and it must be played only during the scramble portion of the round.

A Chapman alternate shot is a fun twist on a traditional alternate shot. Each team member will tee off on each hole. After the tee shots, player A will play the ball that player B it off the tee. Player B will play the ball that player A hit off the tee. After hitting the second shots, the teammates will decide which ball to use for their third shot. At this point the remainder of the hole will be a true alternate with only one ball used.

The final game will be an aggregate scoring format where each teammate will play his own ball and the two scores will be added together as the team score for each hole. During these final six holes we will have the frisbee drive which will see each team pick one hole to throw frisbees instead of hitting a golf club off of the tee box. Wherever your frisbee lands is where you will drop your golf ball to hit your second shot.  Each team must use the frisbee drive for one hole and both teammates must use it on the same hole.

The Pink Tee Drawing:

In what has become one of the more anticipated aspects of the tournament, we will hold our now infamous Pink Tee Drawing before the golfing begins in the morning. Each participant will draw out a golf tee from a bag and the lucky/unlucky individual who draws out the pink golf tee will be obligated to wear pink attire and play pink golf balls for the entirety of the round. 


Following the golf portion of the day, we will enjoy a catered lunch to refuel before heading out on the Cycle Pub for some serious fun.


We are pleased to announce a fun addition to the day's activities. After our lunch, we will have a fun but competitive can-jam tournament presented by Brett Hartlaub and Prime Lending. For those who are unfamiliar with this great game, the rules will be explained before the event and prizes will be awarded to the winners. 

The Bend Trolley:

We love the cycle pub and we are not saying goodbye to it forever, but the new thing in Bend is the Trolley and we want everyone to be on the same vehicle at the same time. The trolley will pick us up at the course and take us to several watering holes before returning us to the course at the end. In between, we may take a few scenic routes along the way.